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WoW Classic Rogue Starter Build and Leveling Guide

Using a weakaura to ensure u don’t miss any would be ideal. Should only be used leveling on high HP mobs that are expected to live a long time. This guide has been written by Nemo, an experienced Raid Leader from multiple top North American guilds. He has been a long time TBC rogue player and theorycrafter for many years and is extremely well versed in all that is The Burning Crusade. Being based off of main-hand weapon damage, you will want a slow mainhand.

While I don¡¯t really need it to get a lot of ambush crits, it guarantees it and keeps me driven to move from mob to mob. The most useful profession that will aid in leveling efficiency and speed as a Rogue is definitely First Aid. Depending on the spec, Rogues lack a lot of survivability, and defensive abilities that other classes have, and as such can oftentimes struggle when solo questing and leveling. Rogues also do not have healing abilities in Wrath of the Lich King. Combat Rogues bring a much more optimal playstyle to the leveling experience, and bring a lot of benefits over the Assassination Rogue spec. For instance, Combat Rogues perform AoE damage much better than Assassination Rogues, and as such Combat Rogues can take on multiple enemies at once.

For most rogues, the biggest group-based buffs are Windfury Totem, Unleashed Rage, and Battle Shout. Thus, an enhancement shaman and a DPS warrior are considered irreplaceable members of a raid melee group including any number of rogues. A resto shaman dropping Windfury can substitute for the enhancement shaman, but the loss of Unleashed Rage is as great as losing either Windfury or Battle Shout. Other notable party-specific buffs for rogues include Leader of the Pack, Improved Sanctity Aura, Ferocious Inspiration, and Trueshot Aura. Note that because hunter group-based needs don’t synergize well with most melee classes, hunters tend not to be grouped with rogues. However, melee groups incorporating a feral druid or ret paladin in addition to the shaman and DPS warrior are not entirely uncommon.

It will reset the cooldown on Evasion, Sprint, Vanish, Cold Blood, Shadowstep, and Premeditation. In addition to this giving you insane survivability, this ability ariat cowboy jacket will allow you to solo some of the more difficult elite mobs through the use of double evasions. When you log out, make sure you do so at an inn or rested area.

I will say though that questing in BC is easier than in pre-BC. The quest descriptions are better and the objectives are easier to find in general. Questing will be a really good way to level after the rush dies down from the initial release.