Write and Get Paid Instantly: 40 Websites That Pay You $500 Post

You need to promote a strong viewpoint with an original voice, but the reported pay is $200 per post. The Layout is a popular blog about WordPress design, so it’s perfect for technology fans and anyone with a background in web design. The blog is a part of Flywheel, a web-hosting service with which you may already be familiar. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the site mainly covers topics like how to keep on top of new WordPress design methods, maximizing your site’s impact, and keeping it safe from hacking. Of course, there are plenty of other angles you can work from too.

You’ll get an update within 48 hours of article submission. The articles you write come in a range of word counts matched by corresponding pay rates. For more information on submission guidelines and compensation, sign up and contact Dropzone. This site is interested in living, real estate, retiring, and travel topics.

They haven’t mentioned the payment figures on their website, however, the editor will discuss this based on your post. Penny Hoarder– If you blog about personal finance, money-making or money-saving you are bound to know this website. They are looking for unique money-making or money-saving articles, that would be of benefit to their audience.

If you are looking to make a full-time career as a freelance writer, here is a mom blogger who teacher beginners how to do just that. They could be looking for humour, tutorials, list-based posts, or just simple and easy to follow tips. Keep these in mind before applying and you can nail these gigs easily. You can get paid to write about anything, from food, faith, health, money and more.


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And the thought of having to sort through all of them to find the ones that pay, and that you’re actually interested in, can be enough to put you off. I’m a history buff, so maybe that will finally pay off for me at history lists. I’m already excited thinking about all the lists I could make just pertaining to George Washington. As of September 1, 2015 they won’t accept new submissions due to the influx of current submissions. If it’s still there when you read this, it is in a yellow box at the top. What Culture is based in the UK, but it appears they will accept list-style articles from anyone regardless of country.

Pay is on the condition that your submission gets approved and appears on the site. Make a living regularly opens pitch times, but for the upper hand, I recommend liking their Facebook page to receive notifications. One of the largest side hustles for freelancers is writing for websites and blogs where pay is per word or page. The content is on a wide range of niches, both formal and informal.

They mention that they are looking for freelance writers and anyone who has made or saved money unusually or interestingly. An Iranian-American money blogger runs MoneyPantry and will pay a reasonable rate for articles. His is one of the websites that pay you to write essays about your travel stories.

Cracked is famous for list style features, so if you have lots of ideas, it is worth trying to get published. All you need to do is sign up for the Cracked writers’ forum and follow the submission guidelines. If you’re interested in publishing with Earth Island Journal, they ask that you pitch them a story via email describing why it is important and newsworthy. Although they aren’t looking for overly technical reports, they ask for articles that are suitable for an already environmentally savvy audience, so you don’t need to dumb anything down. Earth Island Journal is a great place to send a pitch if you think you’ve got something to say when it comes to wildlife and conservation efforts. Wonderslist is a website that allows writers to share thoughts about different topics through writing.

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