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Performance art icon Marina Abramović beams out from one of our two covers, while our alternative special cover showcases one-time student and teacher pairing Sin Wai Kin and Tai Shani in full wedding regalia. Please don’t simply forward press releases or press trip invitations with a request to cover these. It is likely that we will have received the same release.

1.0 You declare to have the required educational background and credibility to author such topic. All published material on TheCollector is vetted and revised by scholars. To keep our online magazine free of ads, and to avoid charging you for our material, the Craftsmanship Initiative relies on grants, individual donations, and institutional partnerships for our funding.

We are happy to give feedback on pitches and mold ideas into articles we are willing to publish and pay for. They cover a wide range of topics, and offer opportunities for writers to address topics of current interest in brief, exploratory texts often from an intimate or reflexive point of view. If we accept your proposal, we will negotiate a mutually acceptable length, deadline, and fee. The photojournalist writing for The Art Of Travel is more of a writer and photographer than a news reporter. Your primary role as a photojournalist is to be a visual storyteller. By photographing, editing, and presenting images, you can tell a story in a way that no other media can.

Here’s what you can expect when you send your words our way. We publish at least one piece of prose and one poem each week. Well-researched content is commendable, but be sure to construct and arrange the information in a way that the text will both be cohesive and coherent, regardless of the amount of information that needs to be compiled. Trends and challenges facing the arts sector e.g. diversity, governance, sustainability and funding.

We do not retain any rights that would keep a writer from publishing a writer’s work in their own book. Established in August 2019, in such a short time we have been able to attract a large international readership. Thanks in part to over two hundred vetted junior and senior academics, we now have over 1 million page views per month.

We’re always looking for new reviews to share with our readers, new stories to tell and entertaining features covering the areas of books, film, TV, music, theatre and art. Our writers should always have a steady stream of ideas for reviews and features – this is one of the only rules we insist upon. The writing that we publish is knowledgeable, personal and wide-ranging, but it must also be inviting and accessible to a non-art audience. At Elephant we believe that art and visual culture should be open to all, and while we value expertise, we are looking for writers who can also effectively communicate their ideas to a diverse readership. If you’d like to become a Culturefly writer, please telling us a little bit about yourself and what area of the site interests you most.

At this time, Engage Art is only accepting guest posts from members of the Engage Art Community or art & faith professionals. Engage Art does not work with sponsored content or product placements. We don’t consider pieces for publication that have already been written. Instead, we work with writers from the point of pitching and commissioning, in order to shape the story and ensure that it is right for our audience. D) The editorial team may refuse to cover exhibitions curated by, featuring, or including the work of any ART PAPERS contributor or collaborator. The editorial team will disclose ART PAPERS’ relationship to any artist or writer featured, clearly and at their discretion.